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  • The Science Learning Hub has a selection of resources that have been translated into te reo Māori and a number of resources that feature both te reo Māori and English.

    Our webinar Opportunities for te reo Māori shares ideas and resources for teachers wanting to increase the amount of te reo Māori in their classrooms.

    If you’re looking for resources with Māori content – such as mātauranga Māori or kaitiakitanga – go to Resources with Māori content.


    Te reo Māori resources on fungi from Ngā Hekaheka o Aotearoa

    Tēnei mea te hekaheka

    Ngā hurihanga ora o te hekaheka – ngā pua atua me ētahi atu hanga

    Ngāi hekaheka – pai mai, kino mai, anuanu mai

    Ngā mātauranga me te whakamahi a te Māori i ngā hekaheka

    Mātauranga Māori: Te hekaheka hei kai, hei rongoā anō hoki – he mahi pāhekoheko

    He patapatai mō ngāi hekaheka

    He patapatai mō ngā mātauranga me te whakamahi a te Māori i ngā hekaheka

    Te āta tirotiro i ngā hekaheka

    Te hanga tānga pua atua

    He pangakupu

    Ngā Hekaheka o Aotearoa kuputaka

    Native freshwater fish

    Ngā ika taketake wai māori

    Āwhinahia ngā ika nei!

    Ngā karangatanga matua mō te wai māori me ngā ika wai māori

    He painga mō te pāmu, he painga mō te ika


    Norman Hill, iwi liaison officer

    Ecology, the environment and conservation

    Te whakamāherehere i ngā panonitanga

    Te whakatō otaota ki ngā tapa kōawa

    Ngā karangatanga matua mō te wai māori me ngā ika wai māori

    Ngā whakaoranga i ngā kōawa kei ngā tāone mō ngā ika taketake

    Project Mātauranga: Bringing the kiwi back

    Kauri Dieback: Death in the Ngahere


    Waikato Taniwharau

    Te Whakatakaka o Ahi Pepe Mothnet

    Te Tārore Pepe Tuna ‘Heath’ me tana hakaka

    Kā Whakanui i te Kaitiakitaka

    Kā Pepe Tuna Miharo

    Māori mō te ara o Hinekirikiri – kuputaka

    Astronomy and the stars

    The star compass – kāpehu whetū

    Museum conservation and science

    In the 1980s, a pare (lintel) in Auckland War Memorial Museum’s carving collection fell and shattered. In Pare 5168, we follow its painstaking rebuild in a project that brought together conservationists from Auckland Museum and carvers Bernard Makoare and Lyonel Grant.

    Textile conservator Rangi Te Kanawa oversees the largest museum collection of Māori textiles at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. Preserving harakeke taonga details the work to prevent the deterioration of harakeke kākahu in order to preserve these taonga tuku iho and their valuable intellectual property for future generations. Black is back is an article featuring Rangi Te Kanawa, with supporting teacher resources, from the Ministry of Education’s Connected series.

    Collection of related content

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    Useful links

    We have curated a Pinterest board of Pūtaiao resources in te reo Māori.

    A curation of inspirational Māori STEM practitioners can be found on Pinterest here.

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